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Research & Writing: Overview

Help with writing and conducting research, including resources for starting your research


All programs at CCS are strengthened by research and require writing. In this guide you will find information on and resources for: the research process; writing documents such as personas, artist statements, and research papers; and avoiding visual and written plagiarism.

Art / Life One Year Performance 1980-1981 (Time Clock Piece) by Tehching Hsieh, 1980-1981

CCS Resources

If you have questions about an assignment or your research process, the Librarians are happy to help you! You can set up a virtual appointment HERE, ask a quick question via chat HERE, or email your question. You can also stop by the Library anytime it is open to ask for help.

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If you need help with your paper (including understanding an assignment, brainstorming ideas, outlines, rough drafts, paper organization, and formatting) please email the Center for Tutoring and Writing (CTW).

CTW staff are also available for academic coaching, time management discussions, and other academic concerns. Peer tutors are available to assist students with assignments ranging from basic foundations skills, to software specific to each major. Tutors are typically upper level students from a variety of majors.

To schedule a virtual meeting with CTW staff or tutors, visit the CTW page.

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