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Photography: Overview


Photography students should use this guide to find Library resources relevant to their major. If you are conducting research for a course outside of your department (e.g., Liberal Arts), a different guide may be appropriate. Library staff are available to meet with you for additional research assistance.

Hikers in a Meadow by Heinrich Kuehn, c. 1912

Find the Right Resource

Books: Our large collection of Photography books (print and electronic) provide coverage of exhibitions, individual artists, photography history and more.

Articles and Internet Resources: CCS subscribes to a number of scholarly databases for more detailed and current information on a topic. This guide also provides recommendations for quality open access resources.

Images and Videos: CCS gives Photography students access to a number of tutorials for learning new computer software as well as other visual learning options, such as videos and image collections.

Quick Links:

Link to Library catalog HERE.
Link to Photography databases HERE.
Link to Luna image collections HERE.

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