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Product Design: Overview


This guide is designed to steer Product Design students to Library resources that pertain specifically to their concentrations. If you are conducting research for a course outside of your department or on a specific topic (e.g. Color Theory), a different guide may be appropriate (see below for links). Library staff is available to meet with you one-on-one for additional research assistance.

Library Catalog and Related Guides

Library catalog
CCS Material Collection
Color Resources
Material Research

Philips HD 2004 Alessi Drip Coffee Maker
by Alessandro Mendini, 1992-1994

Types of Resources in the Library

Reference Sources (Encyclopedias, Dictionaries):

  • Basic overview of subject 
  • Quick lookup of factual information
  • Recommendations for more in-depth information  


  • Print or electronic
  • In-depth research 
  • Analysis of an issue's context
  • Historical information  


  • Print periodicals or article databases
  • Narrowly focused analysis
  • Detailed findings from individual studies
  • Current information and trends 

Images and Videos:

  • Visual learning option
  • Technology instruction
  • Curated image collections give access to high quality images for research

Material Samples:

  • Tactile interaction with textiles, metals, plastics, wood, glass, tiles, paper
  • Color swatches from many companies and color systems 
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