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Interlibrary Loan (ILL): FAQ

This guide covers how interlibrary loan (ILL) works at CCS Library and includes the forms needed to request materials from external partners

Requesting Materials

How long will it take to receive my ILL materials?
CCS Library will make every effort to send timely requests on behalf of patrons. Requests for physical items can take up to 1-2 weeks, depending on item availability and the location of the lending library. Requests for articles or book scans can take up to 1-2 business days.

How long can I check out ILL materials for?
Lending periods for ILL materials are set by the lending library. These range typically from 4-6 weeks. Articles or book chapters requested electronically are available indefinitely, though you must download them from the provided link within 30 days. Be sure to save the article to your computer, as after 5 downloads the link will expire.

What can I not request through ILL?
CCS Library will not place requests for the following items:

  • High-demand items (e.g. textbooks, newly published items, and best sellers)
  • Non-circulating items (e.g. reference materials)
  • eBooks
  • Computer software
  • Genealogical research materials
  • Entire volumes or issues of journals
  • Newspapers in print format
  • Maps
  • Rare books or items (e.g. special collection materials)
  • Dissertations, theses, original manuscripts, and unpublished works

Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to the Library to discuss requests of this nature.

Is there a limit to the number of requests I can submit?
There are no ILL request limits. However, you should refrain from submitting a large number of requests at one time. Prioritize your requests and submit them at different times to enable ILL staff to work on your most urgently needed requests first. Plan ahead when requesting materials, as the average time required to obtain materials is 1-2 weeks for physical items and 1-2 days for articles. The wait time can sometimes be longer, depending on format and availability of an item. CCS Library reserves the right to establish priorities of service if the number of requests received from a single patron might adversely affect the service offered to others.

What if the materials I requested are unavailable?
If we are unable to find a library that can accommodate your request, we will notify you promptly. Please consider scheduling a reference appointment after we contact you so that we can assist you in identifying an alternate, more readily available source on the same subject.

How do I keep track of my ILL materials?
Physical ILL materials will be checked out to you in Koha (the CCS Library's catalog), and you can keep track of due dates in your patron account. Be advised that renewals must be requested via the renewal request form before the item is due. If you have a question about an ILL request, please reach out to Library staff.

Returning ILL Materials

Where do I return my ILL materials?
Please return ILL materials to the circulation desk at the CCS Library. Do not deposit ILL books in the bookdrop. Be sure to keep bookstraps and labels on the materials, as this ensures the book is returned to its home library properly.

My ILL materials were recalled, what do I do?
Recalled items must be immediately returned to the CCS Library so they can be sent back to their home library. Failure to return recalled materials within 24 hours will result in fines from the lending library and a suspension of your ability to participate in ILL services until the materials are returned.

Can I renew my ILL materials?
You can submit a request for renewal here. Renewals are at the discretion of the lending library. Please submit requests for renewals at least four days prior to your due date. Renewals may not be requested for overdue materials, and the length of the renewal will be set by the lending library (not the CCS Library).

Fees & Fines

Is there a cost associated with this service?
Requesting materials from ILL is free for all CCS students, staff, and faculty. While we are proud to offer article delivery and interlibrary loan services at no cost to our users, we ask that our patrons be mindful of the fact that providing these services is not without cost to the Library and the College. We ask, therefore, that you request only those items that you plan to use directly in the course of your research, teaching, and study.

Are there overdue fines for ILL?
Overdue ILL materials are subject to $1/day fine. If you have overdue materials, your ILL privileges will be suspended until materials are returned. These overdue charges will be added to your CCS Library account. Electronic materials (articles and chapter scans) do not have a due date.

What if I damage or lose my physical ILL materials?
Please contact CCS Library immediately. ILL materials are the property of the lending library. When items are lost or damaged, you will be responsible for the fines and/or replacement costs for the material. Costs will differ depending on the lending library’s policy. Once CCS Library receives the bill, this cost will be added to your CCS Library account.

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