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Foundation: Overview


This guide is designed to introduce the Foundation student to CCS Library resources. Whether it is to help with a specific research assignment or nurture your love of discovery, the Library staff is committed to helping you reach your goals. There are two Libraries at CCS, one on each campus.

The Main Ford Campus Library
The larger of the two Libraries, here you will find a vast number of books that can be checked out, magazines, and both educational and entertaining videos. Most of the Library's materials focus on art and design.

The Color and Materials Library
Often referred to as the C&M Library, this is where you can discover hundreds of material samples in addition to books and magazines focused primarily on design. It is located on the 9th floor of the A. Taubman Center for Design Education.

Quick Links:

    Library Floor Maps

    Library Catalog

    Using the Catalog

    Databases A-Z

    Luna Image Collections

Types of Resources in the Libraries

Books: Our large collection of books (print and electronic) provide coverage of individual artists, art history, techniques, and more.

Articles and Internet Resources: CCS subscribes to a number of scholarly databases for more detailed and current information on a topic. This guide also provides recommendations for quality open access resources.

Images and Videos: CCS gives students access to a number of tutorials for learning new computer software as well as other visual learning options, such as videos and image collections.

Material Samples: Found at the C&M Library, samples include textiles, metals, plastics, wood, bamboo, cork, glass, paper, and color swatches.

(L) Towel by James Valerio, 1996  (R) Lamella by Eva Hild, 2008
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