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DGD 277: Intro to Communication Design II: Internet Resources

This course guide is designed to help students in DGD 277 figure out how to do research and provide a starting point for finding resources to help them in class.


Understanding Typography - This in-depth overview of the design of type provides an excellent starting point or refresher of the technical components of typography.

Typography Design: Glossary - This overview of the elements of typography also includes a detailed list of typographic terms and their definitions, along with illustrations of principles.

Typographica - This site reviews books related to typography and design, provides recommended reading lists, and features popular downloadable fonts.

Gaba Throat Lozenges by Niklas Stöcklin, 1927

Socio-Historical Context

Graphic Design History - Assembled by professor Nancy Stock-Allen, this series of essays approaches the subject by topic rather than as a timeline.

Design and Social Impact - Based on a summit of the same name, this white paper from the Smithsonian Institution includes a timeline of social design, an overview of the different models in the field, and more.

AIGA: Graphic Design Theory - This AIGA article on the theory of graphic design is an essential read for anyone looking to delve into the concepts behind graphic design.

Design Observer - These articles on the history of design, many written by Steven Heller, cover a broad range of topics, from anti-war comics to Die Neue Typographie (The New Typography).

The Design Museum - This website presents information on key designs, concepts, and designers. Use the menu to explore past exhibits, learn about design and designers, and more.

Cooper Hewitt - This collection - from ancient Egyptian ceramics and textiles to contemporary 3D-printed objects and digital code - tells diverse stories about the importance of design and its power to change the world.

Graphic Design Archive - The Graphic Design Archive (GDA) documents and preserves the work of significant American graphic designers active from the 1920s-1960s, as well as select contemporary designers working in the modernist traditions. 

Metropolitan Museum of Art Design Essays:
    Design, 1900 - 1925
    Design, 1925 - 1950
    Design, 1950 - 1975
    Design, 1975 - 2000

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