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DGD 277: Intro to Communication Design II: Images & Videos

This course guide is designed to help students in DGD 277 figure out how to do research and provide a starting point for finding resources to help them in class.


Ted Talks - Focused on type and typography, these design talks feature top designers addressing distinct issues.

100 Years of Bauhaus - This documentary from the BBC looks at how the Bauhaus School of Architecture and Design shaped the world we live in today.

Toyota Lecture Series - The Library has DVDs of the CCS Toyota Lecture Series, featuring designers and scholars in the field of design who have spoken on campus.

Penny Stamps Lectures - Featuring videos of past Penny Stamps speakers, these lectures range from influential artists to famous designers.

Invitation to Wilhelm Wagenfeld Exhibition, Design Center,
 designs by Wilhelm Wagenfeld, 1988
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