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DGD 212: Intro to Communication Design II: Overview

This course guide is designed to help students in DGD 212 figure out how to do research and provide a starting point for finding resources to help them in class.


Welcome to the course guide for DGD 212: Intro to Communication Design II. This guide is designed to help you find sources for starting your research, as well as provide information on how to conduct research in various areas and using different mediums.

Poster from Série Musique by Côme de Bouchony, 2009

Types of Research Resources

Most research is done using either primary or secondary sources. Some examples of primary sources include:

  • A sketch
  • An interview with the designer
  • An unmanipulated photograph
  • A diary

Secondary sources are mediated by someone, rather than first-hand evidence. They often will include commentary on primary sources. Some examples include:

  • A book
  • A research paper that comments on interviews
  • A mass-produced poster
  • A collage
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