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Graduate: Color & Materials Design: Professional Information

This guide is designed to steer Color & Materials Design students to Library resources that pertain specifically to their concentrations.

Professional Development

Object by Meret Oppenheim, 1936

Material Purchasing and Sourcing

The CCS Library has a very large material collection of tens of thousands of samples for members of the CCS community to see, touch, and explore. These items are not for sale; however, up to five items at a time may be checked out for one week by current students for presentations and the like, as long as they are returned on time and unaltered. 

If you require larger samples, samples you can cut, or samples to keep for an extended period, the resources below may help you find the items you need. Additionally, Academic Facilities maintains a list of suppliers available here.

It is also helpful to contact the manufacturer or distributor of items you find in the collection which are of interest. There is often a phone number, website, or email address directly on the items or, as always, the Librarian can help you.

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