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Graduate: Color & Materials Design: Internet Resources

This guide is designed to steer Color & Materials Design students to Library resources that pertain specifically to their concentrations.

Material News

Authoritative Information Resources

The internet provides open access to a tremendous amount of information, including peer reviewed, scholarly material.  However, be mindful of your sources. Consider the following:

Authority - Who is the author? What is their point of view?
 - Why was the source created? 
Publication & Format 
- Where was it published? 
 - How is it relevant to your research? 
Date of Publication
 - When was it written? 
 - What sources did they cite? 

Information from University of California Berkeley Library's "Evaluating Resources" guide.

Below are reputable websites written by authorities in their subjects and provided for the improvement of public knowledge.

Select Websites

Coloro Workspace - The Coloro Workspace is a revolutionary digital tool designed with, and for, creative professionals to explore and work with color in a digital space. All 3,500 colors in the Coloro system are available in Coloro Workspace, allowing you to play with them in different ways.

Forbes Pigment Collection - This overview of the pigment collection held at the Harvard Art Museum provides brief clips of the curator explaining how various pigments have been made historically.

CCA Materials Library - From California College of the Arts, this site catalogs the school's material collection. Each entry includes image(s), manufacturer information, and a list of material attributes. 

Fisher Fine Arts Library Material Collection - This extensive collection of material samples from the University of Pennsylvania features images in the public domain as well as object attributes and manufacturers.

More Information

Metal-Filled Coatings from InnoMetal GmbH

Metal-Filled Coatings from InnoMetal GmbH
from the CCS Library's material collection.
College for Creative Studies website