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Graduate: Color & Materials Design: Images & Videos

This guide is designed to steer Color & Materials Design students to Library resources that pertain specifically to their concentrations.

Images for Research

Images can be a valuable resource to students. Please be sure to respect the creators of images as you would any content creators and provide proper citations for any images used in your research. For help writing citations and determining acceptable usage, see the Research & Writing tab.

The following databases contain images that may be used, provided they are cited properly:

Explore CCS Luna Image Collections

Luna is the image database for CCS and has hundreds of thousands of high resolution images. You will need to login to Luna using your CCS credentials before viewing the images.

The following links are groups of images on Luna curated to highlight the use of color and form: 
Color Theory
Josef Albers
Foundation: 2D Design

Library DVD Collection

The CCS Library has a number of videos that can add to the Color and Materials Design student's overall knowledge. Some are available for checkout, others can be viewed inside of the Library (closed reserve). Search the Library catalog by subject, title, or author.

Collections of special interest:

Toyota Design Lecture Series 
Woodward Lecture Series

Video Tutorials and Software

Gnomon Workshop

Professional training for artists in the entertainment and design industries on a diverse range of tools, software, and media including design, drawing, sculpture, painting, modeling, texturing, animation, effects, and compositing.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills.

CCS students can access design software such as Autocad, Maya, Tinkercad, and more. Open a free account using your CCS email.

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