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DAH 306: History of Illustration: Overview

Course guide for the History of Illustration class


Welcome to the History of Illustration course guide! This guide has suggested resources that you can use to complete your research assignment. If you have a quick question, feel free to use the library chat feature to ask for help. We are also available to set up individual consultations to help you with more in-depth questions.

Doing Your Research

The research process is not a straight line - it can twist and turn as you discover intriguing facets of a topic (such as subject terms used to describe an article). This is part of the process and a good thing - a research topic that interests you is easier for you to write about and makes your paper more engaging for readers. Don't be afraid to follow up on information you come across that interests you.

Additional tips:

  • Be willing to tweak your vocabulary - authors may use different words that mean the same thing (i.e. illustrator, artist, draftsman, etc.)
  • Read article abstracts to ensure they will work for your paper - don't just grab the first articles that include your search terms

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