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Artist Book & eZine Collection: Artist Book Collection

This guide is designed to provide members of the CCS community (students, staff, faculty, and alumni) with information about how to contribute to the Artist Book Collection, as well as access to the Library's digital publication, PLUME

Artist Book Collection Information

The CCS Artist Book Collection is an opportunity for faculty, staff, students, and alumni to donate an original creative work to the Library's permanent print collection. These books will be available for patrons to view in the Library. We hope this collection will grow over time to reflect the creative output of the CCS community through the lens of the book format. 

Each semester we will accept a total of 50 works into this collection. Works can be part of an edition, such as a zine, or a unique object, like an artist book. Submissions can be digital (to be printed by library staff for inclusion in the print collection) or physical. We also have pre-assembled blank booklets at the Library that can be used for your artist book; please ask at the desk if you would like to take one home.  

line drawing of a pencil drawing a face in a book. The pencil has a speech bubble that says "Add your art and design work to the library's permanent collection. Blank books are available at either library or submit your own print or digital creation."
Graphic by Nick Dauphin

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