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Graduate Core Resources: Business & Psychology


8 Steps to Marketing Your Business - Written for small businesses, this site provides comprehensive steps to help you develop a successful marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Learning Marketing Courses - Courses offered by LinkedIn Learning (formerly range from content marketing to digital marketing trends and more (CCS credentials required).

Business & Promotion

U.S. Small Business Administration - A governmental website, this provides help with all things business, including steps for writing your business plan, how to launch and manage your business, and information about funding programs.

Project Management - From Duke University, this site provides everything from a glossary of common terms within project management to a description of project stages to templates/outlines for each stage.

Essential Guide to Search Engine Optimization - This guide includes nine chapters focusing on the various elements of websites, from the content to the HTML, that are crucial for Search Engine Optimization.

Cognitive Biases

Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet - From, this article takes 175 biases and groups them into 20 types of general problems to help readers be aware of mental heuristics.

ACAPS Technical Brief on Cognitive Biases - This brief recaps some of the most prominent psychological biases as well as mitigation strategies to put into practice.

Environmental Psychology

Public Space Research Group - This site comes from the City University of New York's Center for Human Environments and examines all aspects of the impact of public spaces on humans.

4 Factors to Designing Workspaces for People's Behaviors - From Work Design Magazine, this article addresses cognitive and emotional behaviors affecting workplace design.

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