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Material Research: Recommended Websites

Guide explaining the different types of materials and manufacturers.


Material News

General Material Websites

Harvard University Materials Collection Primer - This primer has four categories - Composition, Form, Properties, and Processes - using terminology from design, materials science, and the construction industry.

Textile Museum of Canada - The Textile Museum of Canada’s collection consists of more than 15,000 objects including a salmon skin suit from China; 2,000 year old Nazca fragments from Peru; and a hooked rug by artist Florence Ryder (Standing Buffalo Reserve, Saskatchewan) that incorporates traditional Sioux designs. The collection can be searched by category, material, technique, or date.

Materials and Design Journal - This site features original research reports, review articles, and express communications covering the studies of structure and properties of inorganic and organic materials, advances in synthesis, processing, characterisation and testing, design of materials and engineering systems, and applications.

Explain That Stuff! - These articles on materials are written by a science and technology writer and cover everything from chemical composition of materials to their history and how they are used today.

The Henry Ford: Design and Making (videos) - These short videos from the Henry Ford feature interviews on a variety of topics, from historic innovators to the use of certain materials in new ways.

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