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Foundation: Images & Videos

Explore CCS Luna Image Collections

Luna Image Collections

The Luna collections contain over 50,000 twentieth-century images, and over 25,000 twenty-first century images, making it a prime site for art students. Anyone with CCS credentials has access.

The following media groups were curated with Foundation students in mind (you will need to login before clicking on the links below):

Foundation 2D Design  
Foundation 3D Design   
Drawing Samples  

LinkedIn Learning & Autodesk

LinkedIn Creative library - contains the world’s largest collection of tools and skills for creative, design, and engineering professionals. Educational videos cover a diverse range of topics, including graphic design, UX, video, photography, 3D, audio and music, architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and more.

AutoDesk - open an account for free (CCS students only) and gain access to software programs such as Inventor, Autocad, Maya, 3D Max, Tinkercad, and more. Go to Login (top) and establish your CCS account. 

Gnomon Workshop


Gnomon Workshop - The Library has ten simultaneous users - if all accounts are being used, you will receive an error stating “all accounts in use.” The Gnomon Workshop offers training from over sixty professional instructors on a diverse range of tools, software, and media including design, drawing, sculpture, painting, modeling, texturing, animation, effects, and compositing.

Library DVD Collection

The CCS Library has a large collection of videos, both educational and for entertainment purposes. Some are available for checkout, others can be viewed inside of the Library (closed reserve). Search the Library catalog by subject, title, or director.

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