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MFA: User Experience Design: Internet Resources

Using Data

United States Census Bureau - Utilizing statistics from the census, this federal website provides demographic data in a variety of formats and enables different ways of searching.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - From the federal government, this site has information on everything from pay to inflation to unemployment.

Data Visualization guide
 - From the University of Texas Libraries, this guide is particularly useful for the process of cleaning data before turning it into a visualization.

Core Principles of Data Visualization - This site focuses on how to effectively and clearly present data via visualizations and features numerous infographics.

Design News

Design Methodology

Personas - From the US government, this site outlines the process of creating personas and provides a chart with objectives and questions to ask during development.

Prototyping - Written by a nonprofit, this article provides common methods and best practices for using prototyping in design.

Scenarios - This site provides an overview of when and how to construct and use scenarios in design.

Scenarios Overview - This site provides a high-level overview of scenarios.

Stakeholder Research

Varied User Research Methods - This site outlines types of user-centered research, including contextual interviews, focus groups, and usability testing.

The Open Archive of Social Sciences - This database provides open access to moderated papers on social science topics.

Informed Consent Guidelines - From the University of Michigan, this site provides guidelines on research ethics and compliance, as well as templates for obtaining consent.

Business of Design

U.S. Small Business Administration - A governmental website, this provides guidance for all things business, including steps for writing your business plan, how to launch and manage your business, and information about funding programs.

Project Management - From Duke University, this site provides everything from a glossary of common terms within project management to a description of project stages to templates/outlines for each stage.

College for Creative Studies website