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Communication Design: Find a Book

Narrow the Search

The easiest way to search for a book is the online Library catalog. Searchable by title, author, subject, or keyword, the online catalog provides all the information you need to find a book. Make sure you're spelling your search terms correctly, but don't hesitate to contact the Library staff or see the video on searching the catalog (HERE) for more assistance.

To search the catalog, click HERE.



The Library provides access to many eBook titles that can be read from your computer by searching the following:

EBSCO Academic eBooks
Art & Architecture ePortal

The Library also purchases individual eBooks for specific classes and by request. These eBooks can be found HERE in the Library's catalog, and directions for accessing them can be found HERE.

Browsing the Stacks

Books are useful for providing comprehensive coverage, broad overviews, and general introductions to a topic of inquiry. The following are areas that may interest Communication Design students:

HF   Marketing and Advertising

NC   Commercial Art, Graphic Art, Material, Posters

NE   Print Media

QA   Human Computer Interface, User Experience Design (UX)

TR 845-899  Technology: Motion Pictures, Computer Animation, Cinematography

Z     Typography


Dutch Art Exhibition poster by Jan Thorn-Prikker, 1903
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