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Advertising Design: Find a Book

Searching for a Book

The easiest way to search for a book is the online Library catalog. Accessible from any computer, the catalog can be searched by title, artist, author, or subject. However, any misspelling will return incomplete results so check your spelling carefully. Don't hesitate to contact the Library staff or see the video on searching the catalog (click HERE) for more assistance.

To search the catalog, click HERE.


The Library provides access to many eBook titles that can be read from anywhere on your computer. A large selection can be found at EBSCO Academic eBooks.

The Library also purchases individual eBooks for specific classes and by request. These eBooks can be found HERE in the Library's catalog, and directions for accessing them can be found HERE.

For more information on eBooks available at CCS check out the eBooks guide HERE.

Browsing the Stacks

Books are useful for providing comprehensive coverage, broad overviews, and general introductions to a topic of inquiry. The experience of browsing the physical stacks is satisfying and can lead to serendipitous discovery.

CCS follows the Library of Congress classification system for organizing and arranging books. Some sections that may be of interest for Advertising students are:

HD   Branding Design

HF   Marketing, Advertising

NC   Commercial and Advertising Art, Logo Design, Pictorial Humor, Caricature

QA   User Experience Design

Z     Includes: Typography

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