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Advertising Design: Overview


This guide is designed to steer the Advertising Design student to Library resources that pertain more specifically to their concentrations. If you are conducting research for a course outside of your department (eg. Liberal Arts), a different guide may be appropriate. The Library staff is also committed to helping you one-on-one for additional assistance.

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Leo Burnett Company, Inc. (founded 1933), 1978

Find the Right Resource

Books: Our large collection of AD books provides in-depth, peer reviewed factual and historical information.

Articles and Internet Resources: CCS subscribes to a number of scholarly databases for more detailed and current information on a topic. In addition, this guide provides recommendations for quality open access resources for research in AD.

Images and Videos: CCS gives AD students access to a number of tutorials for learning new computer software, as well as other visual learning options such as videos and image collections.

Catalog Quick Link:

Advertising in the Library Catalog - search over 1000 resources within the CCS Library system.

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