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Fashion Design: Images & Videos

Hat by Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali, 1937-1938

Internet Resources

Fashion Institute of Technology YouTube Channel - Featuring events and lectures held at the Museum at FIT, topics on this channel range from shoes to technology to ballerinas.

Tagwalk - This free fashion search engine allows users to search for models, trends, accessories, and fashion shows by keyword.

CCS Image Database

Luna is the image database for CCS. It features over 250,000 images and thousands of fashion and accessory images. In order to view the groups of images below, you will need to login to Luna, then click on the links to the groups.

Extreme Body and Fashion
Fashion Accessories

For the full list of images from Historic Costume, organized by chapter, click HERE (viewable on the right side of the screen). For a broader look at fashion throughout time, click HERE (look on the right side of the screen).

As mentioned above, you will need to login prior to clicking on these links.

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