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Illustration: Find a Book

Browsing the Stacks

Books are useful for providing comprehensive coverage, broad overviews, and general introductions to a topic of inquiry. CCS follows the Library of Congress classification system for organizing and arranging books.

N     Visual Arts, General

NC  Illustration, Design, Drawing

ND  Painting

NE  Printmaking

PN 1995-1997  Film Concept Art Books

PN 6700-6790  Graphic Novels

PZ 1-90  Children's Literature

Find a Book

The easiest way to search for a book is to go straight to the Library catalog. However, results depend on spelling your search words correctly. Don't hesitate to contact the Library staff or see the video on searching the catalog (HERE) for more assistance.

To search the catalog, click HERE.



Browse the list of eBook titles purchased specifically for CCS HERE

You can also search the following eBook databases:

EBSCO Academic eBooks
Art & Architecture ePortal

Find information on how to download eBooks to your computer HERE.

Select Graphic Novels & Children's Illustration

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