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Material Collection: Overview


Welcome to the Library's material samples collection. The images in this guide are clickable, allowing you to zoom in and see the individual items in greater detail. For additional information on these samples, search the Library catalog here.

This ever-growing collection of over 35,000 samples is sorted by materiality in order to inspire the creativity of students in every department.

For access to the physical collection or any questions about what you see here, see the Library homepage for hours and contact information. To buy samples of your own that you can keep, Academic Facilities maintains a list of suppliers available here.

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(top to bottom): PPG Spectracron color samples; "Popcorn" handcrafted 3-D cotton textiles from waste fabric
by Bua Bhat Factory Ltd; 3-D paperboard and
mycellium for packaging; Lumicor decorative tile
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