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English: Internet Resources

Literary Theory

Literary Theory - This overview of literary theory from USC Upstate covers the basics of the topic and the questions it explores.

Literary Theory and Schools of Criticism - This resource from the Purdue Online Writing Lab provides excellent overviews of the various types of literary theory, from post-colonial criticism to ecocriticism to critical race theory.

BlahBlahBlah by Mel Bochner, 2009

Types of Literature

Literary Genres - This site provides a list with short descriptions of the various types of literature.


Rhetorical Situations - From the Online Writing Lab at Purdue, this explores what rhetoric is and how it relates to writing through examples, videos, and writing.

Classical Argument - Also from OWL, this provides an understanding of the elements of rhetoric, its structure, and how it was used in classical times.

Visual Rhetoric - This information from OWL explains what visual rhetoric is and how to analyze visual documents, a particularly useful skill for art students.

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