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Craft & Material Studies: Find a Book

Print Books

The easiest way to search for a book is the online Library catalog. Searchable by title, author, subject, or keyword, the online catalog provides all the information you need to find a book. Make sure you're spelling your search terms correctly, but don't hesitate to contact the Library staff or see the video on searching the catalog (click HERE) for more assistance.

To search the catalog, click HERE.

Books are useful for providing comprehensive coverage, broad overviews, and general introductions to a topic of inquiry. The following areas contain books that may of interest to Craft students:

NB   Sculpture: Special Materials

NK   Furniture, Tapestries, Ceramics, Glass, Metalwork, Woodwork

TP   Ceramics, Glass, Textile Dyeing/Printing

TS   Woodworking, Textiles

TT   Woodworking, Metalworking, Ceramics, Sewing/Embroidery


For more technical books on the various Craft and Material Studies specialties, use the first link (EBSCO). The bottom two links (Getty and MetPublications) are ideal for art historical information. To see the list of eBooks purchased for specific classes and by patron request, click HERE; for directions on accessing and downloading eBooks, click HERE.

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