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Visual Resources: Overview

Located in the Ford Campus Library, Visual Resources manages the content of digital image databases for teaching and research purposes using LUNA software.

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Announcement: Luna has a new look that makes navigation easier.  However, please DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK US FOR HELP if you find Luna features in unfamiliar places.  We are here during regular office hours (8-4).  And, as always, your questions, requests, and suggestions are our top priority.  (313) 664-7643 or (313) 664-7629.


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Visual Resources, located in the CCS Ford Campus Library, manages the content of a digital image database, often referred to as LUNA, with over 300,000 images for teaching, research and general archival purposes.  The database can be accessed online through Blackboard (Quick Links).  Our software also allows the user to pull in images from Flickr, enabling personal collections to be included in classroom presentations.  Faculty members are encouraged to obtain training and must sign a copyright agreement with Academic Technologies in order to download images into presentation tools such as PowerPoint.   

Hours:  8:15 – 4:30, Monday through Friday. 

Image Collections:  Our digital image database consists of multiple collections.   CCS Images for Teaching contains approximately 80,000 images (the number grows weekly) and resides permanently on a local server.  AMICA, a very large subscription database, is a consortium of 21 museums that supplies over 100,000 high-resolution images via the Internet.  Recently, we added a number of smaller collections bringing our holdings to over 300,000 images.  All use the LUNA software program that organizes and allows the user to search the collections separately or simultaneously. 

Organizing Images for Teaching Purposes: LUNA software enables the user to search for images in a variety of ways (artist, type, period, subject, keyword, etc.).  It also provides a teaching component for classroom presentation, eliminating the need to import images into PowerPoint.  The teaching component includes a “zoom in” feature and the availability of instant facts.  Downloading into PowerPoint is an option, but the “zoom in” feature will be lost.  For student study purposes, faculty can cut and paste the LUNA web address or make media groups public. 

Quality:  Visual Resources is committed to scanning or purchasing the highest quality images available.  By comparison, images downloaded from the Internet are typically low resolution and appear fuzzy when projected onto a large classroom screen. 

Restrictions: In order to protect the rights of our providers (artists, photographers, museums, and vendors), image use must be restricted to educational purposes at CCS.  Therefore, users are required to sign a contract prior to being given the ability to download.

Student Use:  Students are encouraged to use LUNA for study and classroom presentations.  They can access the collections using their Blackboard login and password but will not have the option to download.

New Image Requests:  Faculty can request that specific images be added to the CCS Images for Teaching digital image collection.  In most cases, a reasonable number of images (up to 35) can be scanned, catalogued and loaded within two weeks.  Feel free to speak to the Visual Resources Curator directly concerning your needs ( or 664-7643).  Faculty will be asked to check the image databank, be specific, provide the source and submit a typewritten form.  Faculty members are encouraged to scan personal analogue slides themselves and open up a Flickr ( account for access in tandem with LUNA.

Help:  For LUNA software problems and classroom set-up contact Laurie Evans (Director, Academic Technologies) at 664-1501 or Lynne M. Standley at 664-1500.  If the system is down, contact the IT helpdesk through Blackboard.  For image request forms, content questions and search help contact Marian Lambers (Visual Resources Curator) at 664-7643.  LUNA Tips & Tricks (walk-in) takes place every Thursday (academic calendar only) from 12:00 to 1:00 in the Visual Resources Office in the Ford Campus Library.  A schedule of LUNA workshops can be found on the Techknow monthly calendar.

        201 E. Kirby  *   Detroit, MI  *   48202-4034

Visual Resources Curator

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Marian Lambers
(313) 664-7643

Areas of Specialization

Art History, Visual Culture, Contemporary Fine Arts, Design History, Data Asset Management, Image Metadata, Digital Imaging, Digital Preservation

Visual Resources Specialist

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Amy Lazet
(313) 664-7629