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Visual Resources: For Faculty

Located in the Ford Campus Library, Visual Resources manages the content of digital image databases for teaching and research purposes using LUNA software.

LUNA Login

Important Announcement: LUNA has a new look that makes navigation easier.  However, please DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK US FOR HELP if you find LUNA features in unfamiliar places.  We are here during regular office hours (8-4). And, as always, your questions, requests, and suggestions are our top priority. (313) 664-7643 or (313) 664-7629.

LUNA Walk-In Help

Every Thursday during the academic school year, LUNA Tips and Tricks takes place between 12:00 and 1:00 PM.  Come to Visual Resources in the Ford Campus Library with your questions, suggestions and requests.

LUNA Tutorial: Overview

Art History Refresher

The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History presents a chronological, geographical, and thematic exploration of global art history through The Metropolitan Museum of Art collection.  It is a reference, research, and teaching tool conceived for students and scholars of art history.  Authored by The Met’s experts, the Timeline comprises 300 chronologies, close to 1000 essays, and over 7000 works of art.  It is regularly updated and enriched to provide new scholarship and insights on the collection, and draws 1 to 1.5 million visits per month during the academic year.

Download Contract

In order to download individual images or media groups, faculty are required to sign a Statement of Agreement and Legal Responsibility.  Download, sign and send to Laurie Evans, Academic Technologies Director.

Digital Images Request Form

Don't see what you need in LUNA?  Fill out an image request form and send via email.  Or make a general request.  We are good at finding the obscure!