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Visual Resources: LUNA Content Information

Located in the Ford Campus Library, Visual Resources manages the content of digital image databases for teaching and research purposes using LUNA software.

CCS Visual Resources LUNA Images Versus the Internet

Occasionally high quality images are available on the internet, but the search for them is time consuming.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality images available.  Metadata (the information attached to the images) is our other passion.  We offer applicable search terms, critical information, in-depth notes, source information, links, and more.  CLICK ON STILL LIFE BELOW to compare!  Top: Internet image; Bottom: LUNA image

    Jan Davidsz. de Heem, Festoon of Fruit and Flowers (detail), 1660 - 1670, oil on canvas, 74 cm × 60 cm, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.


About LUNA Collections

Local Server

  • CCS Images for Teaching: The in-house collection that Visual Resources contributes to weekly.  Faculty requests are always our top priority.  We also look through the latest books and periodicals, search the internet, check course lists and hit the streets of Detroit to photograph local art and events.  The CCS Images for Teaching collection also incorporates Art Images for College Teaching (AICT), a royalty-free image exchange resource for the educational community.
  • Detroit Institute of Arts Image Collection: Visual Resources obtains high resolution and extensively cataloged images directly from the museum.
  • Select Student Work Repository aka Student Repository: Access is restricted.  Contact Marian Lambers, 664-7643, or Laurie Evans, 664-1501, for login and password.  Your Blackboard credentials will NOT give you access.
  • Detroit Public Lighting Authority: This image collection is the result of a sponsored project with the CCS Photography Department and The Detroit Lighting Authority.  Access is limited. 
  • Student Work Archive: Access is restricted.  Collection contains select student work older than four years.  This work is not for publication.


  • Art Museum Images from Cartography (AMICA).
  • A number of freely shared collections are included with the Luna software.