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Detroit: Past and Present: Job Exploration for Artists

Guide to the History of Detroit and current Happenings in and around the city!

Career Exploration

Search for information about specific and related fields for artists.  Provides comprehensive data compiled yearly by the United States Department of Labor about working environment, salaries, projected outlook for employment, similar professions and contacts for additional information. 

This is a site that provides excellent information about design related careers.  It is broken down into categories such as graphic design, fashion design, interior design, game design, web design , film-making, animation and photography careers.

Here is a list of 60 art-related careers that may open your eyes to non-traditional career paths you may not have considered.

Internships for artists

Internships in art related fields throughout the United States listed by geographic location.

Michigan Celebrates Small Business

Art Groups & Guilds

An online directory of artists, art groups,art galleries, co-ops and museums. This site allows you to search in specific states or regions of the United States.

A non-profit association of independent artists that promotes five Michigan art fairs annually.

A local group of photography enthusiasts who meet regularly to teach, learn and grow.

Michigan Related Resources

Provides detailed company and industry profiles.  Use this site to research financial data, company reports, case studies, legal issues, and company histories of companies you would like to work for and to prepare for job interviews.